Real Estate World

Contracts with real estate

There are several ways to contract with real estate agencies to organize the sale of your property, some are cumbersome and full of paperwork, others are more expeditious and generate a sense of security and commitment.

The exclusive contract is a private contract between the real estate and you, in which you authorize that only that real estate can sell your property during a specific period of time. By putting your property exclusively, you make sure that the real estate agency puts all its effort into selling it.

In many cases, properties without exclusive conceal some characteristics so as not to give clues to the competition, and this ultimately, buyers do not like. If the realtor has the exclusive property, it will use all its advertising tools to make it look its best.

With an exclusive contract, you will only need one contact person. The road to selling a house is already long and having just one person will streamline the entire process. It will be easier to decide and draw conclusions.

Although if you consider that the sale will not be so fast if only one real estate agency has it on the market, there is another type of contract called an exclusive shared contract.

In this case, the owner orders the sale of his property to a real estate agency like we have Tajarat properties and this in turn shares it with other associated real estate agencies. This association of agencies are committed to maintaining the same price and sharing the fees in the event of the sale.

In this way, you will have the advantage of an exclusive without closing the doors to other real estate agencies. They will all have the same interest in selling your home, and you can save time finding a buyer.

If you have any questions regarding this and other real estate issues, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

The virtual real estate world

The advancement of technology has brought with its various changes in the way things are done, networks provide new forms of communication, payments and transactions are now more secure and without cumbersome personal procedures, even our hands have been replaced in many delicate machine processes.

The Internet is one of the most outstanding advances in the history of humanity, since this tool brings us closer to places, people and things that perhaps thirty years ago we did not even dream of reaching.

The network represents an alternate world to ours, what circulates there is visualized by millions of people in a matter of seconds, which allows us to carry out actions that previously took us years in a minimum fraction of time.

How does it benefit the real estate market?

In the real estate world, the Internet today represents an important part of the materialization of the closing of businesses in record time.

Advertising, for example, has a more extensive impact on the Internet than it had in a conventional way with the use of classifieds in press and specialized magazines, the use of social networks to spread offers and ventures with attractive images and videos that make you fall in love to the potential buyer they are the holy grail of the virtual real estate world.

Undoubtedly, an important part of the use of the Internet in real estate businesses are modern payment methods, a couple of clicks allow us to move large sums of money from one bank account to another without any problem, the use of multi-currency payment platforms, they also allow currencies to be transformed in seconds without the need for intermediaries.

Undoubtedly, these new technological advances give us a new economic sphere to explore, offering incredible methods that simplify business, speed it up and require less physical and intellectual effort every day.

Politics in the real estate sphere

Politics plays an important role in the economic dynamics of a country. Regulations, good management of the public purse, correct policies in economic matters, are fundamental pillars in the dynamics of the markets.

A sound public policy would generate low unemployment rates, a high human development index and would undoubtedly strengthen the financial system of a country and even an entire region.

The most expeditious way to invest in a territory, without a doubt, is through real estate, whose price will be directly affected by the policies exercised in the region where they are located.

Stable prices and the good performance of the economy in Uruguay augur an effective investment with a high and safe income in a short time for those who want to bet on the country’s real estate world.

In a survey carried out by the Corporate Resources Group agency, Uruguay is considered one of the three best countries to live in Latin America due to its growing development and its fluctuating and pro-growth economy.

Influence of foreign policies

The real estate market in Uruguay has left behind the downward trend of the years of the bursting of the European real estate bubble; that undoubtedly affected the Latin American market; and they are beginning to show clear signs of a solid recovery, which undoubtedly strengthens the purchasing power of foreign investors and increases confidence in local investors.

And all this thanks to the economic policies applied by the government and their adaptations to the Latin American markets and especially the Uruguayan ones.

Bad policies

The wrong economic policies bring as a consequence the disruption of the real estate markets due to the feeling of financial insecurity in the investors, which generates a drop in demand and therefore plummets the sale prices.

Crypto assets in the real estate world

The rise of new payment methods has grown exponentially in recent years, since the entry of the blockchain, there are many expectations regarding the use of crypto assets in everyday life.

The king of cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly Bitcoin, a fully decentralized P2P exchange protocol, capable of processing million-dollar transactions in a matter of seconds.

Bitcoin and other currencies such as Litecoin, Dash or Etherum have established themselves in the market as an attractive form of payment, which can also appreciate over time.

Many countries already have legislation against cryptocurrency transactions, but most of them seek control over these without the need to limit or prohibit them.

In Latin America, countries such as Colombia and Venezuela have more flexible laws regarding the payment methods used for the purchase of movable and immovable property, the latter since the launch of the “Petro” project, a cryptocurrency created by the Venezuelan government in order to secure and control foreign exchange transactions.

A simple process but

Buying a property with Bitcoin in theory is not complicated, since it is based on a transaction as simple as a transfer of funds from one electronic wallet to another.

The real problem of these transactions is the determination of the origin of the funds with which the buyer is acquiring the property, since although it is true that it is a “super secure” transaction, it must be taken into account that the process of Obtaining the cryptocurrency is not controlled by any government or banking institution.

Bitcoin and other digital assets have been immersed in major corruption, robbery, hacking, prostitution, trafficking, drug trafficking and kidnapping scandals, which puts aside the “security” that it offers in principle.

It is the future?

The future of crypto assets is quite uncertain, some believe that this is nothing more than an economic bubble based on the Ponzi theory that will explode from one moment to the next, leaving thousands of people with unsuspected losses, while others bet on a future free of banks, where transactions are controlled by the same users who generate them, thus arguing that crypto assets come to replace conventional currencies.

Tourism in the real estate market

There are many economic factors that influence the real estate market. Traffic, large commercial chains, urban planning, accessibility, economic performance and architectural development are some of the elements that real estate investors usually look at when betting on a new business.

Many of these factors may be linked to one another, and for some they only represent a safe bet in a changing and risky world. In the past, large investors only injected large sums into complexes located in the main cities, but this was in decline over the years. Why? undoubtedly tourism.

Undoubtedly, the human desire to get out of the routine at least for a short period of time to a peaceful place and away from their work and daily nucleus, has changed the thinking of large investors.

Large hotel corporations have decided to bet on further away from the main cities to build their new vacation complexes, making these places more attractive for future investment by individuals.

And it is that having a house or an apartment in a tourist place, not only represents an investment in growth, but it also strengthens the possibility of generating a constant income by incorporating the property into the offer of temporary accommodation in the town.

But there is more …

If what you want is to move, we tell you that going to live in a tourist place will give you the satisfaction of always being in a beautiful place, you will be the envy of millions of people and will offer you opportunities that no other place can give you.

The busy dynamics of a town with a high volume of visitors will give you endless entrepreneurial opportunities that will grow your finances.

Whether it is a beautiful beach, a historic and picturesque town, a peaceful countryside or a maddened capital, if tourism is present, it is a safe and profitable investment.

Young people in the real estate market

Today, young people want to become independent faster, it is a generation that does not like to live under the rules of others, it is for them that real estate companies must begin to adapt to the needs and preferences of this population group.

An important aspect to take into account when negotiating with young people is communication, studies have determined that young people do not like personal and direct treatment, for them electronic communication is better, so a good website with support via chat.

Active social networks with quick response or a mobile application with all the information and the possibility of closing deals through it, will be very helpful. Another important aspect is that young people, despite being in that transition of being independent, will always seek to consult with their parents and other relatives before making the purchase.

You must be direct when talking about investment, expenses and offers since on the Internet there are millions of web pages that talk about real estate businesses and their implications, they know what to expect and will inform themselves of everything that is available in the net.

Despite being a digital generation, young people are comfortable with the process of requesting documents and supports, since it gives them the feeling of being responsible, those yes, it ensures that all documents and procedures are requested in a timely manner.

No remodelling!

Finally, don’t waste time proposing properties that require a lot of repair or repair, young people are looking for a place to spend their free time, not a source of problems.

Modern houses equipped with state-of-the-art technology are the most sought after by this group, places not so large but close to work or university will be the priority.