How to Win Him Back – Best Ways

There are two reasons why you want to know about how to win him back. 1st is that he is not showing that much interest in you, that he showed you in the past. Or, he is not with your anymore and you want him back in your arms.

If he is still with you then, there are many things that you can do in order to spice things up in your relation. Things to do for winning him back

  • Accepting what he is
  • Find the reason why the spark lower between you two
  • Communicate
  • Gets Things started from the start
  • Speak “Secrete Obsession Words”
  • Talk to him about faults in you
  • Eradicate the faults if possible if not tell him that he needs to accept you the way you are

The secrete obsession phrases are like “how perfect we were back then”, “How can we live without each other”. There are also many powerful phrases, words and text mentioned in the book “His secrete obsession”.

How to Win Him Back

If you are taking time apart

If you both are taking time for thinking then, it is the best time to think if it was a healthy relationship. If he is not abusive and respects you then you can win him back. However, if he cheats on you, lies to you, or abusive then wining him back will not solve your problem. It may worsen it.

Cutting Communication

You can win him back by first showing him that you are over him and you no longer crave him. You can do it by cutting off social media. However, you can interact with him personally and if possible in that place where you first meat in order to bring old memories. But do not accidently engage him too often. Men needs time to think about what they are losing. So, let him think about you to miss you.

Tell him that you are improved

You can tell him that you are improved by having different hobbies and posting picture of it on the social media. Also, you need to wider your circle to let him know that you are willing to accept the change.

Talk to His Circle

He will surely be taking updates from his friends. So, you need to tell them exactly what you want them to hear. You can tell them that yes you miss him and can work out if he is willing to change as well but… The but will tell them that if not you can easily move on. This will make him drive towards you.

What if He Comes Knocking on the door?

If you really want to know how to win him back then you need to know that now takes things slowly. Allow him to chase you in order to bring out his instinct. You can also bring out his hero instinct just as mentioned in the book. If he come knocking on the door welcome him but not too much.

You need to start things from the start, going on the date let him make the move all that things will again ignite the spark between you guys.


There are also many ways mentioned in the book and even exact text and phrases are also given that can help you to say the words to make him want you more. In the book example is also given that the author has provided his client with the text which upon sending his love of his life came running back.

There are also many things related to psychology that you need to know in order to bring out the best out of your men.